monday motivation

A very dear friend shared this with me a few months back and it’s stayed in my regular rotation of encouraging songs.

“Maybe it’s time you bet on yourself.” That line hits me every time! Let’s do this!! 🤗

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Update: Priorities

My father passed away a month ago and these past 4 weeks have been a blur. So much has happened and it’s gone by so fast. We’ve been working to get ourselves back to a ‘new normal’, but what does that even mean. We’ve been straightening the house, getting back into social outings, trying to be fit, and I’m figuring out what kind of work I need to do.

The 5 months he lived with us were special, but difficult. We tried to look at that time as time we’d never get back. We’d regularly remind ourselves of this when things were especially hard and it helped us to stay focused on what the priorities were.

As I’m writing this I’m wondering if we should take the same approach to our health and fitness. It has dawned on me that this day is time I’ll never get back. This week, this month…as they say in RENT, ‘no day but today’.

So today I’m motivated, in a different & bittersweet kind of way, to keep my priorities straight. We won’t get this time back.

Get focused.

Stay motivated.

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monday motivation

My spouse shared this song with me a while back and I instantly loved it! From the line “figure it out, just don’t stop moving” to “don’t stop the past’ll trip you up”, this song has so much to offer. Put it on and start running…you won’t stop!

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